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Games for Flourishing;the Psychology of Mental Health, Wellbeing and Flourishing

Every Monday 18.oo Guest for February Eva d Amorera ; the events are held in English
6 pm – 7 pm
Games for Flourishing
For kids, teens and youngsters
8 lv per person; 17 lv for 3 friends
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
the Psychology of Mental Health, Wellbeing and Flourishing
For teens, youngsters, educators and psychologists
8 lv per person; 17 lv for 3 friend

About Event
The Amorera training program consists of various innovative research-based educational-entertaining exchange and training sessions.

The goal of the Amorera events is to master and practice knowledge and skills for long-term health, joy, love and overall flourishing, personal and professional success.

Most sessions are very playful and require active participation. Important elements of a session include laughter, movement, dance, breathing exercises, games, yoga principles, techniques for meditation, concentration, visualisation and relaxation. An essential part is the discussion of scientific data and latest research findings about the possibilities for healthy, happy, peaceful, caring and meaningful lifestyle. Amorera sessions follow the suggestopaedic principles, including individual approach, kindness, spontaniety and positive mood.

Besides the above mentioned general principles, each session is unique, depending on the topic and the specific interests and preferences of the participants.https://amoreraeva.wordpress.com/2015/01/31/amorera-training

About Eva
Current Position

Founder of Amorera
Educator, counselor & researcher at the E-Motion Center,
I CAN – Institute for Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience
PhD student at the Medical University, Sofia
Wellbeing Counseling & Teaching

since 2002: Yoga teacher
since 2004: Educational entertaining programs for kids
since 2008: EF-programs – English with Fun programs
since 2009: ASC – affective social & cognitive training for kids & youngsters (biological age does not matter)
2012-present: AMORERA training – an integrative (holistic) wellbeing training for individual & global flourishing, including all of the above(with Activities, Measurements & Opportunities for Rewarding Emotions, Relationships & Advancement)

1997-present: Actively involved in international & interdisciplinary behavioral neuroscience projects focused on:

mental health
basic & social cognition
test translation, adaptation & development

2011-present: PhD student in Clinical Psychology in Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006-2009: PhD student in Affective Neuroscience in RWTH Aachen, Germany & UPenn, USA
2006: MSc. in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, LMU, Munich, Germany
2004: BSc. in Psychology, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999: High-School Diploma in Biology major and intensive English education from the National High School of Science & Mathematics, Sofia, Bulgaria
Further Education

2011-present: Web Development & Programming Course
2011: Laughter Yoga Leader
2001-2002: Instructor for Mental & Physical Self-Improvement with Integral Yoga
1997-2009: Attendance of various international conferences, workshops & seminars in the fields of clinical and behavioral neuroscience
Scholarships & Awards

1998-present: various scholarships from Bulgarian, German & international organizations

throughout the whole study course – High School, Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD studies
for continued education & and presentation of research results – for participation at conferences
for research visits & projects


English: fluent
German: advanced
Russian: advanced
French: intermediate
Spanish & Italian: beginner
Bulgarian: native
Computer skills:

Image processing (GIMP & Inkscape)
Web development (HTML, CSS, JS, Python)
Statistical Packages
Other professional skills:

Verbal & non-verbal communication
Inner motivation & positive outlook
Test construction
Planing & conducting research projects
Data analysis
Preparing & giving presentations
Writing scientific articles

Kind, open & collaborative
With positive & optimistic outlook
Self-motivated, ideas generator
Knowledge seeker
With strive for exploration & innovation

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